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Career coaching programs for women

Coaching4results supports women in achieving professional outcomes, through development of self-awareness and smart ways of working, in harmony with themselves and other areas of life. 

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Coaching4results helps organisations to grow self-aware leaders, engaged teams and introduce diversity & inclusion culture and practices. 

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Controlling Specialist


New product development manager

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Education specialist & Emotions coach for parents & CHildren

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Want to develop your career? 

If your efforts do not always bring exptected results and you feel stuck - you can take the first step  download free pdf's and ebooks (in Polish only). 

While getting the ebooks you will also sign up for our weekly newsletter "Rezultaty i harmonia w karierze" (in Polish only). The newsletter provides you with knowledge, tips and inspiration to grow your career in harmony with the rest of your life.  


The pdfs' cycle "Smart and aware - looking after your careerprovides strategies, which help to:

  • gain greater clarity, about what you want and where you are heading in your career

  • focus on what's important and let go of what is not

  • grow and progress in your career, minimizing pressure and stress.

Each one of the strategies can hlep you gaing greated self-awareness and gives you step by step guidance on how to act so that you can see results for yourself.


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What will you gain through our work together:






What will you gain through our work together:

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