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Become the leader of your career

Career coaching programs for women

Coaching4results supports women in achieving professional outcomes, through development of self-awareness and smart ways of working, in harmony with themselves and other areas of life. 

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awakening awareness & leadership

Coaching, training, workshops
for business

Coaching4results helps organisations to grow self-aware leaders, engaged teams and introduce diversity & inclusion culture and practices. 

What will you gain through our work together:


You will work smart, not hard, using 

consciously what really works and provides results in career growth.


You will develop self-awareness, confidence and your authentic image, while growing independence.


You will learn to look after others and your duties - not forgetting to look after yourself.


You will find the best -fitted career path, which will give you excitement and sense of purpose.

What the clients say:

Controlling Specialist


Justyna accompanied me during a difficult change.  Thanks to her wise and apt questions I could see myself in a different light and move away from my limiting beliefs. Each session allowed for a new discovery. I have particulary enjoyed working with the body and movement and visualisations. Working with Justyna was an experience of my own courage and entering new situations. I saw actual change in my life.

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New product development manager

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It's been great help and support at the point of  change. Justyna helped me take up new accountabilities after maternity with greater confidence - making the most of the work time, effectively prioritising tasks and using strenghts to build relations. 

Education specialist & Emotions coach for parents & CHildren

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I recommend sincerely to everyone. Customer-centric approach, openess and warmth I feel surrounded with - this is what I was looking for. Effectiveness comes in hand, and my professional growth has become my own choice. I would have not acheived this on my own. Thank you. 


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Justyna Lichtarska

Tel: +48 600 - 298 - 497

NIP: 774-231-64-00

ING Bank Śląski

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